GET /bots

GET /v1/bots

Get all (published) bots.


  • Status Code: 200
    • Description: JSON Response
    • Schema: Response body (application/json)

Response body

  • uid: (string, required) - Bot unique identifier.
  • slug: (string, required) - Bot unique human-readable identifier.
  • name: (string, required) - Bot name.
  • description: (string, required) - Bot description.
  • welcome_message: (string, required) - Bot welcome Message.
  • model: (string, required) - Bot model.
  • avatar_url: (string, optional) - Bot avatar URL.


        "uid": "39ac806a-d3fb-4f94-9da6-b387c6715c6a",
        "slug": "demo",
        "name": "Demo",
        "description": "",
        "welcome_message": "Hello. How can I help you today?",
        "model": "gpt-4",
        "avatar_url": null
        "uid": "226029d9-63f9-4c6d-ade2-92132506f74b",
        "slug": "omni",
        "name": "Omni",
        "description": "An omniscient bot with knowledge of everything",
        "welcome_message": "Hi, I'm Omni. \n\nHow can I help you today?",
        "model": "gpt-4",
        "avatar_url": "https://strapi-ablt.s3.amazonaws.com/thumbnail_blog_eyer_all_seeing_eye_claude_harris_board_detail_880x_e95a142603_97e2720dbd.webp"

Example request command:

  curl https://api.ablt.ai/v1/bots \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $ABLT_API_KEY"