Welcome to the aBLT documentation!

aBLT is a fast, simple and powerful platform for creating and integrating AI applications. This site (docs.ablt.ai (opens in a new tab)) is where you can find our documentation and resources. Keep an eye for regular updates.

Fun Fact: aBLT is pronounced like “ability” (or however you want 🥪).



Our documentation is a work in progress and some sections may not be complete. Please stay tuned for updates and join our discord server to provide feedback and get the latest news.

  • Quick Start - Build & launch a bot in under a minute.


Instructions for using aBLT"s tools and features.

  • Build - Learn how to build an AI application backend (bot).
  • Deploy - Learn how to deploy your application to various front-ends.
  • Refine - Learn how to refine and improve your AI bots.



  • Bot Workshop - Learn how to use aBLT"s backend dashboard interface for managing bots.
  • Chat Playground - Learn how to use aBLT"s front end chat interface for testing and deploying bots.